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Welcome to Prescriptrx Pharmacy

Main ImageWith prices of practically everything rising nowadays, finding a place to get essential yet affordable healthcare products and services would be such a relief. The good news is, Prescriptrx Pharmacy exists to provide you with top quality and cost-effective drugs and medical supplies. We understand that both money and health are precious possessions so we make sure that you will get exactly what you pay for and more!

Our helpful and experienced staff will serve you timely and accurately and will address your concerns with friendly smiles. If you need to inquire about something medicine-related, just be confident to approach them and ask away.

To get high quality and affordable drugs and medical supplies and equipment, come and visit us anytime you need or call us for your inquiries and concerns at 754-200-5913.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help all the individuals and families in the communities we serve achieve optimum health and wellness by offering them top quality yet affordable drugs and medical supplies. We will utilize our extensive knowledge in medicine educate customers and serve them accurately and promptly. We aim to satisfy and serve our customers with integrity, knowledge, and dedication.

We offer the following SERVICES


Nutraceuticals, herbal remedies and other OTC health boosters.

Generic Plan

Low cost generic plans for prescription medication and maintenance meds.

Special Packaging

Packing your medications for easy storage and organization.

Medical Supplies

Durable medical equipment and health management supplies.

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